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Leafos Teraria
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An epic journey through Terraria's Vanilla Experience, with online multiplayer actions from a great community.

You won't find a better server with a great community, fair rules, and plenty of custom features that don't block you from experiencing what the original game was meant to give you.

Join Leafos Gaming Today!

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We offer exclusive features that can be activated from donor classes. If you donate to our server, we ensure you that all funds go to the server expenses and presentation of our community.

You can also support us on our community!



  • World Regeneration

    • Regenerates the world every 6 hours.


  • Housing Districts

    • Protect your inventory with a free plot.


  • Challenges

    • Complete active challenges for quick starter gears.

Donor Powers


  • Maximum Health & Mana Increase

    • Increase your stats up to 1250 / 400.


  • Special Command Access

    • Get access to unique commands.


  • Increased House and Protection Zone

    • Even more houses and protection size.

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