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As an addition to the website, we now have a forum you can visit from the Terraria menu!

We are proud to announce that Season 3 will be removing the item buffer and replace it with a ranking system. This will give you new commands.

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We have updated our Terms of Use agreement prior to the merge with Dark Gaming.

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Leafos Terraria is a community thriving to improve the Terraria Vanilla experience for all players a-like. Our goal is to improve classic survival game play with new and improved features and abilities.


Nov 18, 2020

Team Staff Update

New members join our team

We have added new staff members to the team...

In their own department, I have made @Architect and @Event Master capable of making #news their announcements. This change has been done in light of the lack of #contest due to COVID-19 times. As such, I rather focus on server stability over events and contests. Thus, I am now giving Architects the ability to make the contests and requirements on their behalf, while Event Masters are moderators and supports to handle the distribution and regulations of these contests. As such, they will also gain access to run #contest as they please. I will only moderate and assist and questions if anyone isn't sure how to run or proceed in certain requirements. I hope this will give people a bit more happiness that other groups of the community our running some of our more contributing members of our community.

Oct 03, 2018

Dark Gaming Welcomes Leafos

DG and TPS Merge, Leafos Joins In.


Dark Gaming is making its move over to TPS, as the servers merge, numerous gamemodes, and features will be available including:
- Item Server (Well Organized)
- PVP Server (Pre-defined Class/Items)

- Zombies GameMode (Survival Last Man Standing)

- Arenas

- Creative Mode
- Survival (Weekly)

- Leafos Survival (Yearly)

Dec 01, 2017

Leafos Gaming now Open

Legends Never Die!

Welcome to Leafos Gaming, we are now open for business and changed our community as a whole. Feel free to ask any questions if need to be. Visit us on discord or our gaming servers.

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