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Oct 03, 2018

Dark Gaming Welcomes Leafos

DG and TPS Merge, Leafos Joins In.

Visit: https://dark-gaming.com/

Dark Gaming is making its move over to TPS, as the servers merge, numerous gamemodes, and features will be available including:
- Item Server (Well Organized)
- PVP Server (Pre-defined Class/Items)

- Zombies GameMode (Survival Last Man Standing)

- Arenas

- Creative Mode
- Survival (Weekly)

- Leafos Survival (Yearly)

Dec 01, 2017

Leafos Gaming now Open

Legends Never Die!

Welcome to Leafos Gaming, we are now open for business and changed our community as a whole. Feel free to ask any questions if need to be. Visit us on discord or our gaming servers.

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